Welcome to the SIRIS Project (Agroalnext 2022/013)!

In a world where water is recognized as a fundamental resource that needs to be preserved, we are facing an increasingly urgent challenge: water scarcity. This issue has gained growing interest at both the European and global levels due to its impact on the availability of drinking water. It is estimated that some countries could face a 50% decrease in water supply by 2050.

In this scenario, agriculture plays a crucial role as the largest consumer of water, which highlights the urgent need for innovative solutions. In the Valencian Community, where the effects of climate change are becoming more evident, we face additional challenges. The Research Group in Fruit Farming and Production Techniques at Miguel Hernández University is committed to proactively addressing these challenges.

It is in this context that the SIRIS Project (Agroalnext 2022/013) emerges. Our main objective is to pilot-scale design a new sustainable irrigation system based on the collection of agricultural drainage, allowing for the reuse of both water and nutrients, with a focus on citrus farming.

This irrigation system not only promotes the rational and intelligent use of agricultural resources but also enables the recovery of drainage, which is typically lost through leaching, and the reuse of byproducts such as water and fertilizers. In doing so, we not only adapt to climate change and water scarcity but also consolidate alternative water sources to ensure long-term development and stability in the agricultural sector. Moreover, by minimizing and controlling direct and indirect pollution, we contribute to the preservation of high-quality water resources for human, industrial, and environmental supply. Our approach aligns with the European Union's "New Action Plan for a Circular Economy for a Cleaner and More Competitive Europe," promoting the integration of the agricultural sector toward sustainable development.

The outcomes of this project will be crucial in reducing and mitigating the negative effects of extreme droughts, floods, and rising energy and raw material costs. Furthermore, we are committed to actively disseminating and sharing our findings and knowledge through outreach and training activities, ensuring visibility and societal impact.

In summary, the SIRIS Project (Agroalnext 2022/013) represents a dedicated effort to find innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture in the face of water scarcity and climate change. We are committed to building a more efficient, profitable, and environmentally friendly future for agriculture.

Join us on this exciting journey toward sustainable and prosperous farming!